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Updated On: Jan 26, 2022


As an CW/CE or apprentice, you are required to be dressed appropriately for work on construction jobs, with special consideration towards safety.

Therefore, please be aware that:

  • boots
  • long pants &
  •  a proper fitting shirt

are required to be worn at all times.

Work attire must be:

  • free from tears or holes
  • clean 
  • must not bear any writing or image that may be offensive to the public

It is important that our appearance shows our customers that we are electrical professionals. Our customers are our livelihood, and it is our responsibility that we provide them with a positive impression of our union, our contractors and ourselves.


IBEW LU 728 SHIRTS are for sale in the hall(should you need an appropriate shirt quickly.)

For an example of appropriate work boots, click the link ==>


  • 9" Side-cutting pliers
  • 2 Pair of Channel Locks
  • Pencil
  • Straight Screwdriver - LARGE
  • Straight Screw Driver - TRIM
  • Phillips Screwdriver 
  • Hacksaw Frame
  • Wire Stripper 10-18 AWG solid Wire
  • Electricians straight claw hammer (18 oz)
  • Torpedo Level 
  • Locking Pocket Knife
  • 15' or longer tape measure
  • 3/4" cold chisel
  • No Contact Voltage indicator 
  • Tool Pouch and Belt

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